It is recommended to seal your driveway every two to five years. Though, if you can see the color of the stones that make up the asphalt, it is time to seal it again. Ideally the best time of year for driveway sealcoating is between May and October. More specifically, the summer months. Here’s why.

Hot and dry

The heat helps dry the sealer faster, that’s why the humidity needs to be as low as possible. Any extra moisture could delay the drying time. In ideal conditions, a sealcoat can be dry within 24 hours. The overnight weather can’t get below 40℉. If the weather is too cold the sealer won’t dry correctly, and drying time will be drawn out. Nothing can be on the pavement before the mixture is dry. There are only a few sealcoats that can be put down in cold weather. Check to make sure you have the right type for the right season. In layman’s terms- pavement sealer cures best when it is warm and sunny throughout the day.

Extended Work Day

With extended daylight hours more work can be completed per shift

Overnight Temperatures

Since the overnight temperatures stay well above 60 degrees, the pavement sealer cures better when the surface has to be opened to traffic the following morning or striped overnight. Less impact on the sites operations/tenants.

Cost Savings

With the longer work days your seal coating contractor can “group” jobs together and pass the savings onto you. Keep in mind once September 1st hits most contractors not only stand firm on pricing but will also raise prices in response to supply and demand. A seal coating contractor who is “starving” for work in September most likely does not have sufficient back-log for a particular reason.


Most reputable seal coating contractors will NOT warranty a seal coating application applied after October 15th or in areas of extended shade. By applying the pavement sealer in the summer, you can rest assured a reputable contractor will offer a minimum warranty of 1 year. For squeegee applications or high-performance seal coatings products such as Gem Seal Poly-Tar, Maintenance Inc J-16 or Neyra Jennite, approved applicators will offer a 2-3 year warranty on sound asphalt pavement.

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