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You may think, does it matter what equipments are being used by our asphalt company? Following equiprements, you should check while selecting the asphalt company.

Asphalt Pavers

If a parking lot is 250,000 square feet in size, with some islands, landscaping and decorative pavers, the project will require 3,500 to 4,000 tons of dense-graded asphalt that we’ll pave at 3 inches thick. The base is complete, and consists of 6 inches of aggregate base course. The job should be paved with average speed, and the asphalt leaves the plant at 300 to 325 degrees F. Paver size isn’t critical on a job this large. Either a 10-foot or an 8-foot paver can do the work. The smaller paver can maneuver into tighter spaces better, but the larger paver has more hopper size. A tracked paver would be best due to traction, mobility, maneuverability and speed. Smooth faced rubber tracks are preferable to tread faced because they will not disturb the base as much when maneuvering. A Cat AP555E paver with an AS2252C Vers-A-Mat screed. It is an 8-foot paver, but it has a large capacity hopper, so you get the extra maneuverability and compact size of the small paver, but you don’t sacrifice much for capacity. The paver is quite powerful for its size as well, so there would be no issues with wider pulls or pushing trucks. The machine’s screed has front-mounted extenders and lays a smooth mat, whether width adjustment is needed or not. Recommended is running Cat Grade & Slope automation on the paver to control mat thickness and grade/slope. He would use one sonic sensor on each side of the paver.


A Bomag BW278 AD would be chosen to work as the break down roller immediately behind the paver working in a lay down temperature zone in the 250- to 300-degree range. Since vibratory compaction is particle rearrangement and these particles are not going to rearrange without some viscosity in the mix, it’s best to compact the asphalt at optimum temperature. As we lose temperature we also lose viscosity, so staying in a proper temperature range is extremely important to placing a sound asphalt pavement. A job of this size is more efficient with a larger roller, preferably one with split drums (like a Cat CD54B), which help keep from tearing the mat.

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