A well-kept parking lot is a must for your business. You can’t just assume that asphalt will keep itself in good condition. Like anything else, it can wear and tear without proper maintenance. Here some tips to help do that.

Manage the Load on the Asphalt

Heavy commercial vehicles can and do cause damage to asphalt lots. Loading docks and large trash containers should be placed in an area that does not require these heavy vehicles to cross or park on a lot that is designed for cars, pick-up trucks and SUVs.

Fix Obvious Drainage Problems and Parking Lot Line Striping

Standing water can wreak havoc on asphalt parking lots and cause unnecessary expense if it is not addressed quickly. The water will eventually seep into the asphalt and affect the base, creating cracks, ripples and potholes. Good drainage is an essential element of maintaining your lot. A quick inspection after a heavy rain is always a good idea.

Sealcoat the Asphalt

Sealcoating your commercial parking lot not only protects the asphalt from the elements but also maintains a like-new appearance much longer than non-coated lots. A good quality coat, applied properly, will last for several years.

Fill Cracks Promptly

Crack sealing is very important in extending the life of your parking lot; small cracks only get larger, allowing more water to compromise the base of the lot, leading to more damage and more expensive repairs. The appearance of small cracks is normal but should be repaired immediately.

Redesign Your Parking Lot Occasionally

Change isn’t always bad. If the traffic flow is wearing down certain areas of your parking lot, you should make right of way changes from time to time.  New striping will balance the wear and tear and extend the life of the parking lot. When you make changes to parking lot design, remember to be in compliance with ADA guidelines because they are very strict.

Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning will ultimately improve the appearance of your parking lot, helps to prevent damage caused by debris and makes it much easier to take note of any drain or crack issues that need to be addressed. Adding a good sweeping and pressure washing to your regular maintenance will benefit the longevity of your parking lot.

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