Asphalt Sealant Materials

*********** Since 2009 Coal Tar Sealants cannot be purchased in hardware stores anymore ***********

Asphalt sealants, like just about everything else, have come under regulations because of a byproduct in sealant that’s called “Coal Tar”. Coal tar is heavly refined product and because of the amount of coal tar thats resides in asphalt sealant our industry had to conform in 2009. We offer Asphalt Sealant products in Bloomington, Ellettsville, nashville, brown county, stanford, Martinsville, Bedford, Indiana that will assist you in seal coating and protecting your driveway.

Commercial contractors such as myself have access to Coal Tar sealants through a manufacturer but only a manufacturer not in hardware outlets and it is truly one the best sealants on the market.

With the coal tar additive in sealants. sealants stay blacker MUCH longer thus protecting the asphalt better before weathering away, Since regulations began coal tar sky rocketed in price and Many contractors, businesses will not pay the price for coal tar sealant mainly because there is an alternative called “Asphalt Emulsion” which is MUCH cheaper in price.

That type of sealant; Asphalt Emulsion, applied to aspirant in the western stated holds up “ok” but it is not even close to as good as coal tar sealant is and it certainly doesn’t hold as long as coal tar for places like Indiana.

Asphalt emulsion sealants just don’t work correctly for our seasonal changes and extreme ground temeratures in Indiana. As a business “Arnold Asphalt” hasn’t compromised with our quality, we built our business on it. we pay the more expensive cost and apply one of the finest “coal tar pitch products” you can find in a 200 mile radius.

Our source of sealant and application methods triple longevity curves which in turn translates into a longer lasting black sleek sealant treatment.

Having a solid reputable relationship to a quality minded manufacturer in combination with our application techniques is EXACTLY what sets us apart from many who claim to be proffesionals in our business and truthfully are not we chose to keep building our service this way and to brand our service continually with ethics, ethics that stand by our work with warranty with every job we do! We HIGHLY pride ourselves in this area.

I know it makes for success and I WANT YOUR BUSINESS! – John Arnold