Arnold’s Asphalt was started by me and my wife “Sara Arnold” in or around 1997. She is known as “THE BOSS” BTW, and we both started our business venture in the asphalt industry doing simple and yet quite effective measures in this trade. We hired a few guys along the way and we sure did feel like we were grabbing an anchor and trying to fly. No doubt about but since then, we have had the privilege to meet so many people, to work for so many good people here in our community, and we have gained a lot of wonderful customers along the way. People really are just people when the walls come down, no matter who you are. Many of these people who in turn have supported us in good solid grounding in this asphalt business we have retained as customers over this span of time. Its simple, do what they ask and be fair in your pricing and respects, and if you do it often enough you will develop a relationship with people over time and before you know it, one day you will wake up and your phone rings. We owe each and everyone of them a thank you. You know who you are.

I will say one thing is certain, and that is that you sure do get a lot of discovery over time when you have done something for 20 years over and over like we have. Its like making your bed, you can only get so good at it and so fast at it before you really understand the trade. I suppose its like that for everyone who picks up a trade and runs with it, so we too have worked hard in our community and have become extremely knowledgeable in these line extensions this asphalt trade has to offer. We have a full line of equipment; (2) asphalt pavers, rollers, dump trucks, 10 employees. You name it, chances are we have that piece of equipment to get your project going and completed. Most importantly we have employees that have tenure with our company. Its not easy to just find someone and talk them into understanding this business. No way. We have employees that have been with us for many many years and when getting in and out, doing it correctly, thats what matters to you the most.