Eliminates Safety Hazards for Walking

Falls are the leading cause of preventable nonfatal injuries in the United States, and the third leading cause of fatal preventable injuries. If customers are injured or their vehicles are damaged on your property, they may not be likely to return in the future. Another safety hazard of poor parking lot maintenance is puddles or areas of pooling water. Puddles can also be slippery for pedestrians and may lead to injuries, and cause stress to your parking lot and can lead to more serious structural damage. Proper parking lot maintenance will ensure your drains remain clear and keep your parking lot drier and safer. Faded pavement markers can make lane lines and parking spots unclear, and drivers may also miss stop signs or other safety signs when they are not reinforced by painted markings. That can cause backed-up traffic and even accidents on your property.

Prevents Hazards for Vehicles

Uneven parking lots causing potholes, large cracks and sizeable puddles during rainy seasons make it difficult for drivers as well. A crack can puncture a tire, and pot hole can ruin an axel, and standing water can cause hydroplaning. An even lot greatly reduces the risk of all of these.

Improves Curb Appeal

Parking lots are more than just a place for your customers to park while they enjoy a meal at your restaurant or shop for your products. Your parking lot can influence potential customers’ perceptions of your business, and may even be a determining factor in whether they choose your business or head elsewhere. If you are leasing commercial space for offices or stores, the quality of your parking lot may sway potential clients to sign a contract. If you fail to maintain your parking lot properly, it may gather dirt and debris. Leaves will accumulate in autumn and puddles will form during a rainy spring. Constant exposure to the elements may also cause the parking lot lines to fade and create unattractive potholes and cracks. This poor appearance may cause customers to perceive your business as unprofessional or sloppy. They may assume the manager or owner does not care to maintain their property well, and this perception may carry over to their opinion of your business itself.

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