asphalt paving

Advancing technology plays an important role in everyday life. When it comes to the asphalt paving industry, however, you likely don’t think about how new technology plays a role in the repair and installation process of asphalt paving. While some may get excited about the latest tablet to hit the market, we asphalt professionals get excited about new grading and slope technology and the advancement in asphalt mixes.


A laser-guided transit allows a paving team to decipher heights from long distances using laser technology. Contractors are able to shoot elevations and grades to best determine a drainage plan. This technology allows pavers to accurately and efficiently determine slope and grade to ensure accuracy for site drainage.

Road Hog

The hydraulic technology of the Road Hog allows paving professionals to cut 2-inch wide trenches in old surfaces quickly, which improves removal time and saves money on the overall project. This technology allows pavers to save customers money and work more efficiently on the job site.

Motor Grader

The motor grader is equipped with automatic grade and slope controls that allow paving professionals the ability to follow an established grading grid. This take a lot of human error out of the grading process with an automatic grader blade following precise percentages to ensure the correct grade and drainage. Pavers can ensure that drainage and water run-off will not compromise asphalt surfaces.


Fabric, or geo-grid, means there’s only 18 inches below the surface to make repairs. Geo-grid is used as a bridge to support the sub base without the added cost of filling in a large hole with costly aggregate. This yields lasting results and is much more economical.

Custom Mixing

Making custom mixes following specific climate or project requirements is also an advanced way to create and use asphalt. Most paving companies have the newly mixed asphalt tested (usually on-site) to ensure quality through each step. This gives asphalt mixers valuable real-time data.

Regular Maintenance.

Establishing a preventative maintenance schedule with customers is also how advanced pavers get the job done correctly. It extends the lifespan of the asphalt pavement. Educating customers on the cost-saving benefits of regular maintenance is a key component to help them get the most out of their asphalt surface.

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