Asphalt Cracks And Joints

Encouraging customers to not spend thousands of dollars on a new overlay is easy if they will accept what you say to them at face value. Trust without being sold something is a statement that is confusing today because there is way to much misinformation out there and “giddy” salesman who care more about your wallet than they do your budget. Building our business has been one step at a time. We built it first in the preventive maintenance aspects, therefore we lean heavily on that knowledge when considering customers, especially when it comes time to have pavement installed or an overlay. We earn business by being candid and honest, not “pie in the sky promises and irrelevant subject matter” We understand your pavement better than most and it is important that in order to stay true to you; the consumer, that we stay true to ourselves first. Would you really want it any other way? I think that’s what you expect out of a professional business. I know that’s what I look for and in today noisy market with $ being the only consideration, I honestly believe that’s what sets us apart. Since 1997 I have held onto that philosophy and I stand by it today. Arnold Asphalt is known as full a full-service-line-extension asphalt company that offers many benefits for projects that include roadways, drives, commercial parking areas, we provide our services most affordably though in the closer areas like Bloomington, Ellettsville, Nashville, Brown county, Stanford areas, Martinsville and Bedford. We execute these service[s] using knowledge and experience. Professionally applied crack sealing is one of those ways to go if your considering a new overlay is to costly, and is the economical sound choice if the pavement your considering is not to far gone. Professionally applied crack sealant is the best defense and the most economical common sense step you can take towards maintaining your aging asphalt. Period… I am going to be upfront and personal here, “We specialize in this area of expertise and relay the cost saving benefits onto the YOU the consumer who doesn’t realize just how beneficial this service really is”! I just cant be more explicit. You can more than triple the life of your asphalt you have currently down by keeping water penetration out of the sub base. Its that simple. This service is rated as #1 because it does just that. It stops water penetration. Keeps ride quality from deteriorating further, and It works simply by keeping water from getting in and holes from developing, cracks from forming and asphalt from raveling, spider webbed areas from getting worse or even starting! By itself, hot applied crack sealant treatments applied with a Genuine Crafco® will protect your underlying base asphalt and sub base soils from moisture penetration which is the proven #1 cause of asphalt failures in all aggregates including concrete. If you see cracks in your asphalt, take note and consider having our company out to inspect this problem so I can give some ideas as to the cost and savings in terms of overlay. As always, Arnold’s Asphalt provides estimates that are free and professional, written up with a clear and precise understanding of resolving your problem; something we call an “angle of attack” when it comes to executing your project efficiently.